1. Change your mindset
    10 Jan, 2018
    Change your mindset
    So the beginning of a new year allows us to make new choices, to get rid of the old habits and renew ourselves both in body and mind. The fact that we keep making resolutions even when we don’t always follow through ultimately means that we have hope and a certain level of belief in our ability to change and be more of who we really want to be.  But just because we want to change and be a better person doesn't mean we have to go all out and making huge changes to our lives.  Think small we can
  2. New Years Resolutions
    02 Jan, 2018
    New Years Resolutions
    Let me start off with wishing you all the very best for 2018 and we hope that any changes that you may wish to make are small and successful.  If you are reading this item, then you are already looking at one method that will help and support you in successfully achieving your goals. Each week throughout January 2018 we will be discussing New Year’s Resolutions and providing you with some tips and advice. Tip One: Small steps, it is better to have small goals and be able to achieve them, than
  3. Why Your Titles Should Be No Longer Than This
    05 Aug, 2015
    Why Your Titles Should Be No Longer Than This
    When you're writing your next post, consider this: 80% of people will read your blog headline, but only 20% will stay for the rest.   So, if headlines are 400% more important than what comes after them (where there’s already ever-increasing competition to attract eyes), you need to be more concise than ever to get attention. The Importance of Title Length A guide on the right length for your post titles If you want to keep your followers’ attention while conveying your brilliant wordplay, keep
  4. To Blog or Not to Blog? Blog. Of Course We’d Say That.
    22 Jul, 2015
    To Blog or Not to Blog? Blog. Of Course We’d Say That.
    Sure, blogs need a fair amount of work, but they boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay dividends in the long run. And if you’re not sure what to write, check out Elance or for affordable alternatives. A well maintained blog is a very useful tool How can a blog help your website become more visible? Why? The short answer: blogs strengthen your website’s visibility. Blogs are business opportunities that help you: Command attention from your customers. Use Hootsuite or